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AnnMarie Grohs

Owner & Instructor   @AnnMarieGrohs - Instagram

Athlete - Hill Crusher - Heavy Beat Junkie

When you think of AnnMarie as just “that Boho owner girl,” think again. She loves an intense beat and a ridiculous lyric, so she has fun on the mic. Her high-energy classes will have your legs pounding, your arms stretching, your heart racing, and your soul begging for more. And while you sometimes want to strangle her for playing ridiculous tracks before you've had your second cup of coffee, you know you’ll always love her drive and hard work. Especially later in the day.

She believes that everyone would benefit from moving more and laughing more. Her classes are full of both.

Run it. Spin it. Eat it. Drink it. Stretch It. Lift it.  Nap it.

Amanda Mischo

Instructor @amandamishh - Instagram

Life of the Party - Tapback Addict - Throwback Fanatic

Amanda's energy and bubbly personality will have you dancing through tracks and having the time of your life. But don’t let the glowing smile fool you, this girl is ready to get down and get gritty when it comes to working hard. Expect heavy hills, lighting fast sprints, and plenty of heart-racing jumps and tapbacks set to a sound track of everything from top 40 hits to throwbacks to EDM bangers!

What is your favorite place in RVA? Libby Hill Park, it's one of the prettiest views of the city (and I can have Proper Pie picnics)!

Amanda Schauss

Instructor @amandaschauss - Instagram

Athlete - Hill Crusher - Indie Electric Enthusiast

From the first minute to the last minute of class, Amanda will push you to the limit. This long-distance runner turned cycle enthusiast knows how to motivate and work you hard to ensure the sweat is flowing. Her soothing voice will coach you through tough hills and even tougher sprints leaving you feeling stronger than ever. 

I hear you volunteer in RVA. Tell us about it.I volunteer and donate to Girls on the Run, a fantastic organization that empowers young girls to be confident and strong. Through physical activity, the program teaches girls that they have limitless potential!


Austin Kitchen

Instructor @rvafitfoodie - Instagram

Life of the Party - Tapback Addict - Throwback Fanatic

There’s more to this self-proclaimed foodie than just smoothie bowls and roasted veggies, Austin is a fierce leader on the bike! (but we do love her smoothie bowls… check out her IG and blog: rvafitfoodie) She dedicates her classes to balance and ambition, giving her riders a little taste of everything while pushing the limits of their comfort zones. She digs her music and loves peddling to the beat of a good throwback jam. Expect to leave her class inspired to be the best version of yourself.

What is one food you couldn’t live without? I’m going to have to go with peanut butter. The addiction is real. 


Courtney Roach


Motivator - Tapback Addict - Indie Electronic Enthusiast

A veteran of the indoor cycling scene, Courtney comes to us from Portland, Oregon, where she began her journey instructing. This full-time student is also a full-time fitness devotee. She challenges riders to push themselves out of their comfort zone to feel stronger inside and outside of class while having fun.  Her playlists have a variety of heavy beats, funk, and throwback remixes so there is something for everyone to jam to.


Eileen Romero

Instructor @optimistic_optimist - Instagram

Motivator - Tapback Addict - Throwback Fanatic

A recent transplant from DC, Eileen has embraced the health focused, positive vibes of her new home in RVA. She firmly believes that music is life, and a healthy mind and body are key to happiness. Her optimistic spirit and high energy will push you past your comfort zone and leave you feeling strong, motivated, and accomplished. Don't expect to feel much of that saddle, as she loves getting you out and dancing on that bike. 

Pick a song that describes your personality. Why?
Run the World by Beyonce. It's empowering and motivating! By the end of the track I feel like I can save the world, or at least get through my to do list, all while looking fierce! 

Gabby Herman

Instructor  @gabstagram09 - Instagram

Motivator - Speed Demon - Rock and Roll Queen

Gabby teaches a high intensity class with very little down time. She makes the most of your 50 minutes and pushes riders out of their comfort zone. She's a rock and roll queen, curating her music from all genres to keep things fresh and mix it up. Expect speed intervals, crazy jumps, and intense climbs. 


Gretchen Stumpf

Life of the Party - Jump Maniac - Pop Remix Aficionado

Gretchen started her group instruction with barre over 3 years ago, and her love of teaching has now expanded to her favorite cycle studio.  She has been a devotee since BOHO opened the doors and is excited to bring her enthusiasm of fitness and sweat to the bike. Her playlists will make you move and her attitude will make sure you have fun doing it.   

What's your fitness mantra? I hate weakness... just kidding! Work hard, play harder!


Katie Mihok

Instructor @katiesunderhok - Instagram

Motivator - Tapback Addict - Top 40 Fiend

Katie comes to each class ready to encourage riders to be the strongest version of themselves. From the first time her mom persuaded her attend a spin class over a decade ago, she has been hooked. A BOHO enthusiast since the beginning, Katie made the leap from rider to instructor and strives to make her class a challenging workout that will leave you feeling accomplished. 

Katie Painter

Instructor & Nutrition Counselor BOHOCore @katiepainterfit - Instagram /  @ktpntr - Twitter

Motivator - Life of the Party -  Pop Remix Aficionado

Katie is the definition of, "Though she be little she is fierce." Don't let the long flowing locks deceive you, her classes will blow your mind and your limits.  Her motivating with love style makes you smile & sweat. She mixes up her rides like she does her playlists, be ready for everything and prepare to go all in. 

What is your ‘go to’ when you have a minute of down time? Ha! What is down time? Yoga is my way to re-center and find some balance and clarity when life is crazy. I’m also not afraid to admit, I will happily zone out in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn and peanut M&M’s.  



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Kris McDonough

Instructor @KrisMcD926 - Twitter

Athlete - Hill Crusher - Heavy Beat Junkie

Kris is a purist – straight up cycle classes are her absolute favorite. With a voice as smooth as butter and pedal strokes even smoother, she’ll have you working harder than you ever thought possible, leading you up and down mountains with glowing positivity and strength. Don’t worry speed demons, this lady can crank up the tempo for plenty of heart-racing sprints too!

Do you have a favorite quote? "Always be in a state of becoming." - Walt Disney I love the idea of constant change and evolution. There’s like no bigger waste of life than being stuck.



Kristen Secor

Instructor - Director of Instructors & Training - Nutrition Counselor BOHOCore

@kristen_secor - Instagram & Twitter

Motivator - Speed Demon - Pop Remix Aficionado

You won’t leave Kristen’s class without getting a killer workout. This personal trainer and all-around fitness enthusiast takes her workouts seriously, and she’s even more serious about inspiring her riders to be the best they can be. Expect to work hard, feel accomplished, and sweat. A lot

What is your go-to dance move? The hair flip - always and forever. You'll occasionally see this on the bike. I always knew it was a good night out when the sides or back of my neck were sore the next day. The same thing goes for Boho classes now. 


Kristy Cotter

Instructor @driftriot - Instagram

Queen of Cool - Speed Demon - Heavy Beat Junkie

Kristy likes it HOT, SWEATY, and LOUD. Get ready to have blast while you work that booty. She has the soul of an artist, always keeping it creative and mixing it up with challenging hills, sprints, and jumps.

If you had to wear a T-shirt with only one word on it for an entire month, what would your word be? Probably HUSTLE. 



Lauren Millard

Instructor @laureneubankmillard -  Instagram / @laureneubank - Twitter

Life of the Party - Jump Maniac - Pop Remix Aficionado

There’s just one way to say it: This girl is a riot. She’s always got a hilarious story and a million ways to make you smile. Her pedal strokes are on beat and her choreography is on fleek. What would you expect from a recovering college dance team member? Expect to pedal FAST and get your butt out of that saddle! 

What was your favorite food when you were a child? Tomatoes. I’m pretty sure I ate nothing but tomato sandwiches until I hit third grade.




Linnea Gerwig

Studio Manager - Events  @linnea.gerwig - Instagram

What is your favorite quote? “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” – Fred DeVito

What will you always say 'no' to? Karaoke. Always karaoke. I love watching and singing along, but I don’t like to be the center of attention.

Do you have a life fitness goal? To be better than yesterday.

What’s the most encouraging thing someone told you about working out? "It goes beyond what you can see in the mirror." The mental and emotional benefits turned exercise into something I wanted to do instead of something I had to do.

What is your favorite RVA person, place, or thing? Pizza from 8 1/2.  

London Ray

Instructor  @londoncamille - Instagram

Queen of Cool - Tapback Addict - Throwback Fanatic

Cycling is London's favorite cardio routine because it feels more like a dance party than a workout. A trained dancer, London loves loud music and anything that makes you want to move, sing along and hair flip. Expect lots of tapbacks and jumps because they're her favorite "dance" moves on the bike!


Matthew Stanley

Instructor  @matthewpstanley - Instagram

King of Cool - Motivator - Pop Remix Aficionado

This BOHO Bro brings a 1000 watt smile, a backwards hat, and beats for days. Matthew’s, “cool under pressure vibe,” makes you forget the sweat that is pouring off you. He will challenge your limits, remind you that you can do anything, then push your legs to move faster. He lays down all the usual moves with a mix of deep beats - but there's always some surprises in store.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be and why? Black Eyes Peas’ Pump It – The beat! But it’s about saying no to negativity, pushing your limits and letting go to the music. “The system gonna feel so fine.”

Melinda Lawman

Instructor @melindab115 - Instagram

Motivator - Tapback Addict - Hip Hop Hero

Melinda craves a fast paced, challenging workout. She will be sure to keep you moving with quick jumps and heavy tapbacks. Her love for fitness and high spirit will have you leaving class feeling stronger than you did the day before! 

As a counselor, I love to see others make positive changes in their lives! I also strive to better myself each day!

Describe your life in one hashtag: #makeithappen

Michelle Baer

Instructor & Nutrition Counselor at BOHOCore @baerly_m - Instagram

Motivator - Tapback Addict - Heavy Beat Junkie meets Throwback Fanatic

Michelle's classes are intense, upbeat and sweaty. With each class Michelle aims to challenge riders to push their limits and have fun while developing strong form and catching that beat! Her playlists include a heavy dose of pop remixes and hip hop, together with heavy beats and throwbacks—so be ready for anything!

What is one word often used to describe you?  Vivacious!


Mona Johnson


Motivator - Jump Maniac - Throwback Fanatic

Mona believes the best workout happens when you are working hard and having fun. Zumba brought her to group fitness, and she brings that same high-intensity, booty-shaking energy in her cycle classes. Mona will work to motivate you to push through barriers and deliver your personal best ride. 

Rachel Berry

Instructor  @futurepau - Instagram

Class Clown - Jump Maniac - Heavy Beat Junkie

Rachel says whether she's running or riding, she’s got to have a good playlist because music is everything. She strives to make each class fun and entertaining while providing an intense workout. Rachel makes everyone feel welcome to the party, and trust me, you definitely want to be at this party. 

What's your guilty pleasure? Lee's Chicken and iced coffee. 

Tessa Anderson

Instructor @tessalee_a - Instagram

Class clown - Pop Remix Aficionado - Tap Back Addict

She may look sweet and innocent, but this girl packs a punch! Be ready for fast tempos, high energy, and lots of motivation from Tessa A. Her upbeat personality (and maybe a joke here and there) will make you leave class sweating and smiling. 


Tessa McKenzie

Instructor @yessatessa - Instagram

Life of the Party - Speed Junkie - Heavy Beat Master

Tessa’s a real Spinderella on the bike: wild moves and plenty of energy to get you sweaty. She listens to a cross of all genres of music both on and off the bike—electronica, hip hop beats, indie dance and sometimes some metal. Her fun, hard-hitting classes are energetic for everyone. Climb on the bike with Tessa for dramatic hills and tap back with that beat for a wildly good time.

What would you name your autobiography? Asset Spelled Backwards. True Story.

Tosh Wilkerson

Instructor @4evalovefox - Instagram

Queen of Cool - Tapback Addict - Heavy (Hip Hop) Beat Junkie

Whoooooo, look out here comes Tosh! She commands the studio and treats it like her own club with a personalized mix of genres, artists and eras of music.  You will ride it like you stole it, pat your brow and then climb a hill. Tosh brings the love of music to her rides with all the usual suspects of tapbacks, hills, and speed, all with a little extra flair. 

What's your life hashtag? I’m definitely spontaneous. #whatarush