Riders must be 16 years or older to ride. Please contact us at info@bohocyclestudio.com with questions or more information. 


  • If you are new to BOHO arrive about 15 minutes before class time. We want to get you sized for shoes, set up on the bike and ready to ride!
  • Riders need to check in at least 5 minutes before the start of class.  
  • At 5 minutes before, all open bikes are released to wait listers first, then walk-ins. 
  • Our classes start on time. Riders will not be allowed in the class once the door is closed. 


  • Parking in the city can be tricky but there are plenty of options. There is ample street parking on Sheppard St., Park Ave., Monument Ave., and Patterson Ave.
  • There is a parking lot around back of BOHO (entrance off Park Ave.). This lot is shared with the businesses along Sheppard St. and it is first come first serve.

(*BOHO does not own or monitor this parking lot. Please be courteous to other residents and businesses when parking.)


  • Reserve your bike ahead of time.
  • Our BOHO app let's you grab a spot in class easily.
  • You can also log in online at mindbodyonline.com
  • If the class is full, join the wait list you will be notified via email or text if you got moved from the wait list into class. 


  • You can cancel (via the BOHO app or online) up to 4 hours before the class begins with no penalty.
  • If you need to cancel within that 4 hour window, please still do so, so we can let someone else have your bike!
  • If you do not early cancel and/or do not show, you will lose a class credit.
  • For riders with unlimited monthly or yearly packages, you'll be charged a $10 fee if you do not early cancel or show for class.


  • When a bike opens for class the wait list moves a new rider into the class. You are then reserved for this class.
  • You will receive an email or text message notification alerting you to your reserved bike! 
  • The wait list closes 4 hours before the class begins, if a bike does open within 4 hours of class a BOHO team member will call riders about attending.
  • You are able to set up your preferred notification (email or text or both) in your profile setting at mindbodyonline.com or ask as the desk and they can assist.
  • If you do get a bike from the wait list and do not show or early cancel the same late cancellation charges/fees apply. 
  • If you reply, 'N' to the text alert within the 4 hour window this is considered a late cancel and normal charges/fees apply. 
  • Do not fear the wait list - riders plans change all the time and bikes open up! 


Via the BOHO App:

-Log into the App > Opt for "My Classes" or "My Waitlists" > Select the class you wish to cancel > Select "Cancel Class"

Via MindBodyOnline.com

-Log into your account> Opt for "Schedule" > On the far right you are able to Early or Late Cancel classes > Select you preferred. Waitlist link is just above this. 


Riders who are in classes as, "unpaid," will be charged a single drop in rate at $18.00. This can be revised or applied to a class package if preferred upon arrival. 

*This does not pertain to riders with unlimited riding packages.


All class sales are final.

Class packages are non-transferable.

Classes, packages, or accounts cannot be shared between riders. 

All auto-renew packages can be cancelled anytime after the initial commitment by emailing info@bohocyclestudio.com


  • Fun and sweaty, mostly.
  • Our instructors ride right along with you and give you both instruction and encouragement along the way.
  • The class is what you make of it, if you need a breather - take it! Trust us, no one will even notice.
  • The resistance is all yours. This is your class. 
  • We turn up the music and get lost in the sweat.


  • Anything comfortable that you like to wear to work out.
  • It’s best to avoid loose clothing, as it could get caught in the bike.
  • It’ll get really warm in there, and you will certainly sweat.
  • We do require all riders to wear clip-in cycling shoes, these are free for your first class and $2 rental after that, or you can bring your own. 


  • You, a water bottle (hydrating is important), and your can-do attitude! 
  • Riders items must be stored in cubbies and not left on the studio floor.
  • All you should have on your bike is you and your water bottle (we’ll provide plenty of towels).


  • We do not provide childcare and do not allow children to sit and wait while riders are taking classes.  


  • More classes for less money! Our packages let you save money by buying in bulk. Read more about them here. All package sales are final.