BOHO is teaming up with our friends at Om On Yoga  this April for our (only) 30 for 30 challenge.

This means you can Rock the Bike AND Roll Out Your Mat!

That's right #BOHObesties...ride AND yoga for this challenge! 


Take 30 total classes

between cycle & yoga from April 1 - 30. 

Sign up starting Friday, March 17 at BOHO or Om On Yoga. 

Get all details about class packages at Om On Yoga,

Grab your challenge card at your first class. 

Then let us smack a BOHO and lay an Om On on it! 

We believe in many ways to stay fit, and

we love your dedication to living a healthy lifestyle. 

The challenge begins April 1.

- Challenge runs April 1 - 30 

- All signed up challengers who complete 30 total class (cycle + yoga combined) will receive: 

     *20% discount on apparel at BOHO or Om On Yoga 

     *30% discount on class packages at BOHO or Om On Yoga (1 transaction)

- BOHO & Om On Yoga Yearly Unlimited package are available for participants who complete a total of 30 classes, with a minimum of 20 cycle classes (BOHO) or 20 yoga class (Om On) for $1,000 (30% off does not apply)

- Oh So Close: All signed up challengers who got ‘Oh So Close,’ with 20 total classes (cycle + yoga combined) will receive:

     *20% off (1) apparel item at BOHO or Om On Yoga (1 transaction)

This is BOHO’s only 30 for 30 challenge in 2017

*Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts & promotions

*All discounts apply to one participating location, BOHO or Om On Yoga.

*Participant is responsible for their own tracking card. Tracking cards cannot be combined. 

Get ready for a ride full of smooth vocals and dance beats. Kick off your weekend April 21 at 5:30pm with Mona in a 50 minute BOHO Body ride set to the sounds of Usher and Chris Brown - two triple threats that will get you singing and (bike) dancing into the weekend!

It's a classic battle of boys versus girls on April 27 at 6:35pm. Get ready to break out your old N*Sync or Destiny's Child t-shirt and support your favorite group . Tessa A will lead you on a 50 minute BOHO Body ride full of all your favorite songs - don't be afraid to sing along as you tap it back! 

It's all the newest, freshest hits in hip hop. Join Tosh April 28 at 5:30pm for a 50 minute BOHO Body ride that will get your weekend off to a killer start. She's got all the artists who are topping the charts right now: Kendrick, Chance, Drake, and so many more! 

We all know the day is going to end with margs and guac, so start the day off with a little sweat! Join Gretchen May 5 at 6:00am for a playlist dedicated to all of your favorite latin hits in honor of Cinco de Mayo. This 50 minute BOHO Body class is gonna be en fuego! 


From Nirvana to the Backstreet Boys, this ride has all of the 90's nostalgia feels. Join Matthew May 11 at 5:30pm in this 50 minute BOHO Body class as he leads you on a trip down memory road. You'll be singing along as you tap it back!