We live. We ride. We rock the bike!


This full body workout spans 50 minutes and incorporates cycling, strength training and mind blowing beats! This class offers your legs the hills & drills & speed you crave. BOHO Body includes low weight, high repletion upper body training. 

High Intensity Interval Training - This class is made up entirely of cycling and focuses on high intensity intervals to keep your heart pumping. HIIT is designed to maximize your effort in a fraction of the time. This is a 30 minute - all in - sweat on the floor - HIIT class.

*Check schedule for class times.

Ride to the roughest toughest hip hop you've heard. This ride will be EXPLICIT. You will sweat to rap new, old and hardcore. Expect cameos by Jay Z, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Kanye, Tupac, Niki Minaj, Snoop, and more. So many more.

*Check schedule for class times.

Kick off your weekend with a ride dedicated to your favorite artists! Feel free to rock it out and sing along during this BOHO Body ride. Stay tuned for us to announce our featured artist this week!

*Check schedule for class times.


This 50 minute class is made up entirely of cycle. It pushes your legs and mind to their limit, with added hills & drills & speed. Your legs will climb, jump, and fly through class. No upper body strength training.

*Check schedule for class times.

Challenge your endurance with our extended BOHO Body class. A 75 minute class will build your cardio endurance and mental strength. This ride is everything you love about BOHO - just more of it!

*Check schedule for class times. 

A 45-minute, indoor cycle class set to mellow tunes to help riders restore physical and mental well-being. This class combines a moderate intensity ride with deep breathing and stretch sequences designed specifically for cyclists to leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated.

*Check schedule for class times. 


We are committed to giving back to the RVA community we love so much. We can help raise awareness for community organizations that help RVA. 

Interested in partnering? Email: kristen@bohocyclestudio.com


Bring your whole posse to BOHO for a studio takeover and let’s #RockTheBike! Our private classes are available anytime outside our normal class schedule. We’ll book the instructor of your choice and even help you pick a theme. We’ve got lots of ideas: Britney vs. Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, 90s HipHop and more. 

Bring your friends and let’s get sweaty! 

Email: kristen@bohocyclestudio.com