It's All Smoke and Mirrors

If it’s on the Internet, it must be true, right? We click through pics of people with flat bellies, trim waists, six-pack abs, and flawless skin—and believe it’s really their bellies, waists, thighs and skin…or at least pretty close. And, you may be convinced that six-pack abs only taking 17 days is a reality, or if you eat this and not that, you’ll have mind-blowing sex forever.   

Then we hope, pray, sweat, and starve ourselves to the point of crazy to fulfill these promises that never fully arrive. You know why? Because it’s fake. All of it. Fake, fake, fake. 

Turns out, celebs and models are (kind of) like us! They have leftover baby bumps, stringy hair, patchy skin, man boobs, four-packs, and armpit fat that tell their bodies’ real stories.  

Yup, armpit fat.

Check out this tell-all. It’s a mind-blowing reminder about how retouched media images are:

This is not to be confused with the forgivable fake-out. Instagram is all about showing off your retouched and staged life, but everyone is in on the joke. That’s why we love author, TV personality, and designer Lauren Conrad’s advice on how to crop, compose, align, light, add a background, caption, and minimalize your posts:

It’s like that old saying: “When in Rome…add a filter.” 

So now it’s our turn—here is BOHO’s take on all things before and after. These are shots of our staff, both au natural and tweaked. What do you think? Should we keep our day jobs?