Thug Kitchen

Thug It Up with BOHO Core


There are certain things in life that you can take a pass on knowing—how to fix your car’s transmission, how to code software, how to tailor a suit. Leave this stuff to the experts.

But then there are things you should know how to do on your own. And this is when you learn from the experts. 

One Life Essential is understanding how your body works, what food helps it function best, and how to cook that food in an easy way that makes you feel happy and full. 

We started BOHO Core to help you do just this. Our nutrition counselors teach you where to make changes in your diet and how to choose foods for your specific body’s needs. They were born ready to light a fire under your bum and help you exceed your wildest goals.  

And for as much as we inspire you, we like to get inspired too. Lately, we can’t get enough of Thug Kitchen’s hilarious first cookbook—an oldie but a goodie—called Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck ( The authors’ philosophy on nutritious cooking? “We don’t understand why eating real, healthy food has to be such a big, f*cking deal.” 

They’re not wrong.  

We need to know what’s in our food and control what goes in our bodies. In their first cookbook, the Thug chefs get real and encourage you to make smart choices. See: 204 easy, vegetarian recipes for every meal, snack, and sweet you can think of. Their advice includes gems like “read the goddamn recipe” and when it comes to ingredient substitution, “use some goddamn sense. Out of tomato sauce? Not a problem, just put the f*cking ketchup back. No. Not the same.” 

Again, so true. 

If you’re new to nutrition, new to cooking, new to BOHO, or tackling a new set of health goals, let BOHO Core be your expert. We’ll teach you how to fuel your body the right way. 

Or as the Thug authors say, “You eat food every day. Your should know what the f*ck is going on.”