Does Life need a Banana Slicer?

Does life need a banana slicer? 

-Kristen Secor

There are tons of kitchen tools out there (see banana slicer), and if we are being honest a lot of them are useless. This list from gives us 30 Crazy, Wacky, and Useless Kitchen Gadgets. Oh, wow, #6. Wow.

Since it’s National Nutrition Month we want you to get cooking and build your kitchen. 

Check out my 5 favorite kitchen tools.

#1. Immersion Blender

This little guy can whip up a smoothie, puree a soup, make aoli, and create smooth sauces and dressings. The possibilities are endless! The blade is powerful enough to turn cooked vegetables into liquid and crush ice into tiny bits. So no matter what you are making you get a smooth texture with all of the ingredients well incorporated. Sounds a lot like a blender, right? You got it – but it’s smaller and oh so much easier to clean up! 

#2. Salad Spinner

I buy my leafy greens NOT prewashed and do the washing myself. This saves some money and I ensure that all of the leaves are relatively dry before I store them so they last longer in my fridge. 

Saving money buying unwashed veggies, check. 

Saving money by not letting produce rot in your fridge, check. 

#3. Kitchen Scale

If you know anything about BOHO Core, you know we’re in the business of making eating habits just a little bit better. A kitchen scale allows you to do exactly that – you can measure out exactly how much food you are adding to a dish or how much food you are allotting in one serving. This is perfect for portion control and for baking when exact proportions are needed. 

#4. Food Processor

Have you ever shredded carrots by hand? I don’t recommend it. I recommend a food processor. The shredding and slicing attachments make recipes such as coleslaw and veggie chips a breeze. Not to mention you can whip up delicious dips, spreads, sauces, and more. A food processor has more power than a blender so you can turn almonds into almond butter and make dates magically turn into brownie bites. (well maybe not magically). 

*The Brownie Bite recipe from Little Green Dot

#5. Spiralizer

Hear me out on this one. I’m aware it seems like a useless kitchen tool. But who doesn’t want to eat something called, zoodles? This is all about presentation – it makes your veggies look like pasta noodles. It’s a great way to trick your friends into eating more veggies at your next dinner party.