BOHO Roomies

Where you meet your friends comes from where and how you personally live your life.

Tessa Mckenzie – lives some of her life on the bike at BOHO. And wouldn’t you know it, so does Matthew Stanley! 


BOHO Riders, 

meet our BOHO Roomies. 


We wanted to know how well these roomies know each other so we asked them to play our version of the “Newlywed Game.”


We asked Tessa these questions about herself – how well did Matthew answer? 

1. Tessa you are an avid RVA biker - but IF you could pick any car to drive what would it be? 

TM: I call  Lyft – I’m currently looking for a driver. 

MS: Tessa needs wind in her face - definitely a convertible - a VW Bug Convertible?!


2. What is one item Matthew moved into the apartment that you could live without seeing? 

TM: LOL. Um, his mechanical nasal rinse neti pot. It's next level nasal hygiene and hangs out in our bathroom. 

MS: I would say it’s my radio alarm clock. I think she is ready to crush it with a hammer. 


3. Tessa, you get to plan a DREAM vacation - where would you go? 

TM: I'd likely go to an UNESCO historic city-- I need heritage and urbanity to let go and live the dream. 

MS: She is such a traveler, so a tough question! I am going to say, a trip down the Mediterranean coast, visiting all the beaches and taking in all the cultures of those amazing countries.


4. Tessa, describe yourself in one word. 

TM: Thriving! 

MS: I am going to say, “assertive.” That girl sticks up for herself and what she believes in. 


(Yet we truly 💙💙 both answers)


Now it’s Matthew’s Turn!

We asked Matthew these questions about himself – how well did Tessa answer?


1. Matthew, if you played any professional sport what would it be? 

MS: Diving 🐬

TM: He likes the pool. And a skimpy speedo. I’d say he’d be a great competitive swimmer.  


2. Do you have a secret love affair with a musician you don’t share with everyone?

MS: It's no secret - I'll readily admit my guilty pleasure, Ellie Goulding is my crush. And sometimes I jam out to broadway showtunes when no one is around! 

TM: Ellie Goulding. Obsessed is an understatement. 


3. What is your life super power? 

MS: Creating organization out of chaos - from getting a large group of people focused on an activity to organizing an attic. I take charge and can get bossy, but I get it done.

TM: To have never-ending access to sleep all day. He's a much better contribution to society when he doesn't use an alarm clock and gets to sleep in. 😴💤😴


4. What is one item Tessa moved into the apartment that you could live without seeing? 

MS: Nothing! Tessa is a minimalist and has good taste, so everything is amazing.👌

TM: NOPE. I am perfectly clutter-free which helps my sanity. 



And for more of the Matthew & Tessa fun, grab a bike in the tag team ride on February 15th at 6:35pm. Sign up here.