Listen to that beat-drop, mama!

 “Listen to that beat-drop, mama!” This is my life.


Tosh Wilkerson – Instructor

Music is a constant in the Wilkerson household. Every morning during breakfast I play music to help my children start their day. I keep it fresh and mix it up: it could be jazz, classical, R&B, 70s disco, 80s pop or funk. I believe that music appreciation starts at at a young age. My kids, Kendall (9) and Keira (7), we exposed to music before birth. I wanted to get the heads boopin’ and legs moving! They love music and have developed their own tastes as they have gotten older. The benefits of music—for children and adults—are endless and amazing. A recent article explains how music does everything from helping you eat less to helping you run faster.

Keira although a tad bit rhythmically challenged, will dance to anything. She’s got the moves and wants to use them. I have found the music she listens to also dictates her mood—like mother, like daughter.

Kendall has developed an obsession with 80s music, “Mama, today is a good day for the Stones!” he’ll declare. His alarm goes off to an 80’s station and he always asks me for the name of the artist and song, trying to stump me. Needless to say: That. Ain’t Happening.

Kendall and Keira love helping me choose my playlists for class. And they’ve both created their own playlists, which we listen to on the way to school to hype them up for the day ahead. It works.

As you might have already guessed, I am a fan of good music regardless of genre. And I love the feeling that you get when music moves you and challenges you emotionally. I put a lot of work into my BOHO playlists, but I have a hard time preparing in advance. My music will always reflect my current mood and that mood varies from week to week. This does create a great deal of pressure—but it also keeps the ride true to Tosh. On the bike, if it doesn’t move me, I don’t play it. It’s that simple. So when I’m rocking out a sprint to Marilyn Manson, twerking and tapping it back to Beyoncé, keeping it mellow with Fleetwood Mac or climbing my heart out to Swedish House Mafia, you best believe I feel it. 


For a little mid-week fun check these out! 

Kendall’s Playlist - Awesome Alo

Keira’s Playlist - Nippy Tupac/Chi Chi Devange

*I cannot make this stuff up!

Tosh’s Playlist - Burn Breezy - BOHO