BOHO means so much more than cycling and sweating.


For me, BOHO is about having fun, living a healthy and active lifestyle,

and loving RVA. And that’s just inside the studio.


As the BOHO family grows, more and more people

want to learn how BOHO lives beyond the bike.


That’s why we’re starting BOHOlife, 

a new place to explore all things BOHO—outside

the physical, sweaty experience we all share in the studio.


I’m excited to learn where this will go,

and to see what ideas emerge.


Here’s what BOHO means to me.


We like moving and fitness.


We like challenges and pushing past limitations.

Even the ones we didn’t know we had.


We like goofy.

Life’s too short to be so serious.


We like learning.

Ideas and information inspire us.


We believe in helping each other be better people,

both physically and mentally.


So, in the days ahead, our BOHO team will post ideas. 

Then we’ll ask our riders to join the conversation.


BOHOlife will often be random, and sometimes funny.


I hope you’ll learn something valuable here,

and join the conversation.

I know I learn so much from you every day!