This Year I Will..

A New Year is upon us! Find out how Team BOHO finished the sentence, “This Year I Will..”

This year I will... “Say yes to stepping out of my comfort zone, dine and explore in more cities and push onward with no regrets.” — John Le

This year I will... “TAKE A VACATION! (Maybe.... hahaha)” –Kristy Santelli

This year I will... “Attend more live performances.” –Anise Robinson

This year I will... “Become a BOHO Mommy!!” – Rachel Wang

This year I will... “Not sweat the small stuff.” – Kristen Secor

This year I will... “Train for (and hopefully compete in) my first triathlon!” — Matthew Stanley

This Year I will... “Start new traditions.” — Caroline Simmons

This year I will... “Make more time for relaxation. Preferably yoga. *gulp*s.” — Tosh Wilkerson

This year I will... “Be more brave.” — Lucy Sexton

This year I will... “Do more squats. While also complaining less about how much I dislike squats. #dothework.. And also laugh more." — AnnMarie Grohs

This Year I will... “Cut down on clutter in my apartment and my life to focus on the people and things that matter most. Less is more!” — Michelle Baer

This Year I will... “Run the Richmond half marathon in November.” — Yukari Nakamaura 

This year I will... "Be intentional about connecting with people who make me see the world differently 🤗   - Tessa Mckenzie

This year I will... “Graduate nursing school and travel to Europe before joining the real world! Cheers to being done with school (for now) after 20+ years!” — Haley Mossman 

This year I will... “Pause more often. Attempt to keep two children alive. Take it slow and easy (just not on the bike).” — Katie Painter

This year I will... “Be fiscally fit. See what I did there?” — Linnea Gerwig

This year I will... "Try to become a better morning person! I try it every year, maybe something will stick in 2017!" - Lauren Millard

This year I will... "I will stop wasting my time on really bad TV." - Kris McDonough

This year I will... "Spend less time on social media, hike more, learn to relax, reach out to old friends, and run another half marathon!"  -Gabby Herman

This year I will... "Read more, worry less." -Courtney Tibbittes