Failed It!

Failed It!: How to turn mistakes into ideas and other advice for successfully screwing up.” By Erik Kessels

We introduced you to this little book as part of our BOHO Gift Guide in 2016. But if you didn’t grab it last year, don’t fret—you can purchase it right around the corner at Mongrel. 

First of all the book cover is on backwards—purposefully—which challenges you to think differently about failure from the get-go. I tried to correct it with no luck. This re-thinking failure thing is really challenging for me.

“Let’s face it, we’ve all failed,” writes Kellels. “Maybe not on a grand scale, but in some way, shape or form, we’ve screwed up.” Yep. Yep we have. This powerful little book is one of those “chicken soup for the life/business/logical soul.” It reminds us that failure happens; that life isn’t over because of it; and that often times failure is a really, really good thing.

Kessels breaks down this short, quick read into five sections:

  1. The Epic Fail
  2. The Happy Failure
  3. Fail to Follow the Rules
  4. Fail to Find Inspiration
  5. All Hail the Fail.

He uses 150 visual examples from his personal collection of artwork and found photographs to show you how fails can become a new life vision. 

Check out a few of my favorites: Make Mistakes Everyday (page 76) and Dare to Be Disliked (page 114).

Trust us, this book is good. You’ll get though it quickly, but save it. Three months down the road, when you hit a roadblock and lose perspective, read it again!

“There was never a plan. There was just a serious of mistakes.” –Robert Caro, journalist