Green Things

The leaves have fallen and the green grass is gone –

fear not, Michelle’s Fav Green Things!


Kale Chips

A quick, easy, flavorful snack! They can be seasoned numerous ways - I normally keep it simple with salt & pepper. But try with smoked paprika to blow your mind. Try this recipe at home.







 Ellwood Thompson’s Green Supreme

The juice options at Ellwood Thompson’s are all great, you cannot go wrong. My go to is the Green Supreme.  I L.O.V.E. the strong ginger flavor, with the slightly sweet and refreshing flavor of greens.  It is my go to drink to feel refreshed, feeling under the weather, or need a little pep in my step!


Creamy Cilantro Lime Dressing

This dressing is amazing. I make a batch and put it on everything, a few examples;

 Add it to a quinoa bowl.

Drizzle over a salad.

Add it as a sauce to baked chicken

Marinate veggies in this then roast (the flavor after roasted is through the roof!).

Holiday veggie dip - I will forever sub out ranch dressing for this homemade goodness.

Skip the sour cream and top your tacos with it.


(1) Avocado

(1) clove of garlic, peeled & crushed

¼ - ½  cup roughly chopped cilantro

¼  cup low fat greek yogurt

juice of ½  lime

3 tbsp olive oil

¼ tsp Salt

¼ tsp pepper

Blend all the ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth! If it gets too thick – thin it out with water until it reaches your desired consistency.  Make it your own, play with the ingredients and change up the ratios of avocado/cilantro/lime juice and garlic to make it more tailored to your own taste.

Then put it on everything and enjoy!



The Smell of Evergreen Trees

I LOVE the smell of evergreen trees.  If I could keep an evergreen in my house year round I would do it! The smell reminds me of the holiday season, and being wrapped up in a warm blanket by a fireplace with a large cup of tea and snow falling quietly outside my window. All the feels.






Thymes Fraiser and Fur Candle

Ok, I know this isn’t exactly green, but I have a small obsession with candles.   And it smells like evergreen and brings me joy – see the above for a more in-depth rambling.