School without pop quizzes!.


School without the pop quizzes!.

-Linnea Gerwig

Music has always been a constant in my life. Whether it was music playing during family dinners, the soundtrack to road trips, or the art form of making mixed tapes (yes, tapes) and eventually CDs, my memories are set to music. And now I’ve got to keep up with the hits (and a few classics) for BOHO.

So music is an old friend. But podcasts? Podcasts are new to me. My husband recently introduced me to podcasts and they’re my new love—a part of my daily life.

These podcasts keep me entertained—and engaged—while I’m walking my dog, cleaning bikes, cooking, or enjoying the view from Libby Hill. I love being exposed to something new, which often leads to further research and ends with a newfound passion. #alwaysbelearning

If you think about it, listening to podcasts is like attending the world’s coolest school, where every class is your favorite and there are no pop quizzes. Podcasts FTW! Below are a few of my favs:

Girls Gone WOD

I listened to this well before I became a CrossFit enthusiast. It was the first female-hosted show about the sport and I was interested in the woman’s perspective. Every week, I feel like I’m hanging out with my best girlfriends as Joy and Claire talk about what’s going on in their lives. They discuss everything from A to Z, both in and outside of the gym and have great guests. I really admire the honest talk about body image and their challenging dialogue about difficult fitness-related subjects, such as eating disorders and overtraining.

Pursuing Health

As a former CrossFit Games athlete and medical student, Julie Foucher is on a mission to combine these passions to help others live a healthier life (BOHO!). She focuses on prevention through exercise and learning to fuel your body with proper nutrition. Foucher has both well-known guests and everyday people sharing inspiring stories of how they have overcome a health issue.


NPR is home to lots of great podcasts:

   Terri Gross, host of Fresh Air, has won a Peabody award for her coverage of contemporary arts and current events.

   Based on TED talks that focus on a single theme—everything from how we love to the big data revolution—the TED Radio Hour bills itself as a “journey through fascinating ideas.”

   From the humorous to the tragic, This American Life is riveting. If you’re not familiar with Ira Glass’s iconic show, you’re missing out. Storytelling has never been this good.

Not sure where to get started? Try Otto, an amazing app that uses machine learning to help you discover podcasts and news you’ll love. Think of it as Spotify for podcasts. You’ll never be bored again.

I’m always on the hunt for new podcasts. Please comment below and share your favs!